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Pre-employment assessments help you find the right candidates. With specific skill set requirements, cultural considerations and expectations for long-term growth, using a pre-employment assessment can help simplify the complex and time-consuming process. The Devine Group’s pre-employment assessment can help you cut through the noise.

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The Employee Lifecycle: Selection


Devine Salaried Selection

Create a workforce with a high success potential and compatibility with your company culture.

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Critical Thinking Inventory

Measure the analytical skills of leadership-level employees.

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Devine Hourly Selection

Measure potential for poor attendance and low productivity in high-turnover hourly positions.

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Devine TalentMatch

Measure a participant’s results against more than 80 job profiles to find their best fit within your organization and leadership.

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Help your employees attain the skills needed to conduct a successful structured behavioral interview.

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Job Model Builder

Job models are the cornerstone of important human resource functions.

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Culture Report

Use assessments to benchmark and develop your workforce to achieve cultural alignment.

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Devine Development

Ensure that employees and leadership hired for specific roles continue to grow and develop.

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Employee assessments can be customized for the competencies for each job type and you can be assured that every candidate is measured against the qualities you desire. Our employee assessments are backed by 50 years of experience and research so you can target job applicants who will be successful in specific roles. Our pre-employment assessments provide you with a job fit recommendation and competency scores to accurately predict a candidates’ performance on the job.”

Devine Group’s hourly employee assessments screen for potential risk areas such as poor attendance, low productivity or theft within your prospective hires. Pre-employment assessments can help you avoid costly mistakes of hiring the wrong person for the job and increase the ability to retain the best employees possible.

Our professional and leadership pre-employment assessments library provides in-depth competency based job profiles ranging from accountants to nurses to vice presidents of operations. Additionally, many organizations elect to configure the specific profiles to their exact job and cultural requirements. This level of competency detail allows employers to quickly identify top-performing candidates for a position and compare candidates’ scores against each other to quickly identify the highest potential. Employee assessments provide you with a proven science for assessing the behavioral aspects of your candidates at the professional, managerial and executive career levels.

Devine’s pre-employment assessments also provide you with inquisitive interview questions based upon a specific job profile’s competencies that help you dive deeper into potential problem areas in relation to the job requirements. With real-time relevant data informing every hiring decision, organizations can limit turnover, reduce hiring expenses and prevent workforce gaps when filling positions. Actionable reporting through employment assessments make the interviewing process targeted to uncover unique strengths and probe areas of improvement, meaning that you know exactly who you’re hiring.

Pre-employment assessments provide you with comprehensive insight into your candidate’s ability to perform the job in question effectively. It allows you to focus on more important things when considering multiple candidates for a position. Ineffective hiring can cause a multitude of problems but utilizing employee assessments can help you avoid that concern. As the leader in competency-based employment assessments, The Devine Group will help your organization create a workforce with high success potential and compatibility to your company culture.


“Devine’s assessment tool gives us a blueprint of candidate and associate behaviors. This helps us not only identify candidates that fit the needs of our team, but create developmental opportunities to strengthen the competencies of our current associates. When used for selection, the tool generates individualized interview questions that helps us understand how the candidate will fit into our organization.  As a developmental tool, it provides feedback and resources for both the coach and the participant. Devine also offers solutions such as engagement, exit and 360 feedback surveys which have been excellent resources for us.

Client, Miami Valley Gaming

“The assessments are very easy to administer and the results are easy to read. You can choose from a variety of competencies to create an assessment that meets the needs of a particular position. This software works well for our hiring process and helps us to accomplish our business goals. The suggested interview questions are a nice feature, too.”

Brenda Knowis, HR Manager at The Lorenz Corporation

“It is a very comprehensive tool that strategically helps in the decision of hiring the best fit for the position. It is very complete and it is a strategic tool for my company.”

Celia Cano Ramon, HR Manager at Western States

“The breadth of the employee lifecycle is great. It covers hiring, developing and coaching. Can use the results of team development, succession planning and culture assessments. Ability to use either the extensive library of benchmarked Success Profiles or create custom profiles.”

Lisa Nack, Pathway Guidance

What does the Devine impact look like?


Higher Sales Quota Performance


Higher Performance Rating for Hourly Employees


Award Winners for GM Leadership


Reduction in Termination Due to Theft


Reduction in Turnover