Your employees’ shared values and behaviors drive your organization’s culture as well as its long-term success. One of the most complex challenges for leaders is aligning employees to the culture they aspire to create, and ensuring inclusion. Leaders often struggle to understand the cultural nuances within regions or business units.

There’s increasing evidence and research to show the importance of developing an open and inclusive workforce within your organization’s culture. One of the easiest arguments is found in the changing US demographics. It’s common sense that having sales, service or product development organizations that align closely to your future customer base will prove beneficial with sales and customer relations.

One of the key challenges most organizations have when developing or changing their culture is simply gaining an understanding of their current employees’ shared behaviors and competencies. Using an assessment to provide a benchmark of your employees’ competencies such as collaboration, inclusiveness, organizational agility, problem solving, etc., will allow you to evaluate how various departments and the total organization align with your desired culture. The assessment results can be aggregated into regions, business units and departments to review gaps between the collective and desired culture. Once you have the gap analysis completed, you’re able to implement training, targeted employee development and hiring initiatives.


Culture Report

Use assessments to benchmark and develop your workforce to achieve cultural alignment.

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Devine Development

Ensure that employees and leadership hired for specific roles continue to grow and develop.

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Engagement Survey

Give employees the opportunity to anonymously offer their opinions about their workplace environment.

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Devine Team Reports

Measure team dynamics to identify improvement opportunities to help align your teams culturally and strategically.

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Measuring your employees’ alignment to your desired culture is a struggle for most organizations, but how are you going to advance to your goals if you’re unclear where you stand right now? Let The Devine Group explain how we help you hit the ground running.




Culture initiatives don’t stop after the hiring process. It’s imperative that you have the ability to measure and align your current workforce with the culture and inclusiveness goals you’ve set.