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Talent Data Creates a High Performing Culture

We live in times of individuation, where differentiating our skills, strengthening our accomplishments and building a personal brand are integral to success. At the same time, organizations need skilled, collaborative and adaptable employees who strive for continuous improvement and serve as brand ambassadors for the company. How can these two sets of requirements be leveraged to build a productive future for both the organization and the individual?

First, organizational leaders must have a clear vision and purpose, and those values should translate into work processes and reward systems. Solid communication of strategies will challenge individuals and teams to excel by aligning their efforts.

Individual employees also need a degree of latitude to leverage their skills and work styles to accomplish goals. Management must focus on synthesizing these efforts to achieve distinction in the marketplace. Below are some specific tips for individuals and leaders to achieve alignment.

Tips for Individuals

Good intentions don’t always result in achieving desired goals. Take action steps to determine the following:

  • How well do you know yourself?
  • Have you learned to leverage strengths, resources and team members to gain knowledge, test ideas or push through completion of difficult tasks?

To work efficiently and yield top-drawer results, you must use internal and external resources to figure yourself out. For example, you should understand the best time of the day and best day of the week for you to tackle your most challenging tasks. You should know if you are a collaborator who needs to hear from others before you started fleshing out solutions or if you prefer to start projects independently and then bring others into the conversation.

When you get into a slump, how do you rejuvenate or generate new ideas? Keep the big picture in mind: customers, growth of the organization, strengthening the culture. A competency-based assessment will measure your strengths and opportunities, and provide a map to nuance your approach.

Tips for Leadership

How well do you know your team? Individual and aggregate strengths should be fully leveraged to achieve results. Challenge your team to use resources to look for answers on their own instead of supplying solutions. As the leader, you should require self-responsibility, invest in employee skill growth, and make a commitment to foster evolution.

Competency-based team assessments are invaluable in helping leaders understand the macro and micro dynamics of a group, and becoming masterful at aligning skill, effort and motivation.

Are you ready to create a high-performing culture and bolster results? Do you want to change the trajectory of achievements during tough economic times? Organizational leaders that have learned effective use of talent data to lift productivity will deliver on strategic objectives and outperform the fiercest of competitors.

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