Simple, Actionable Assessments

The Devine Development report helps ensure that employees and leadership are hired for specific roles continually improve and grow within those roles using a talent assessment. This is accomplished by comparing their behavioral tendencies and competencies with those of your organization’s top performers.

How Devine Development works

Devine Development can help you learn how to enhance your employees’ strengths and how to best improve their weaknesses. This in-depth report uses one of our web-based Devine behavioral assessments to determine which areas of an individual’s development should have greater focus in order to improve their performance in a specific position.

Using the comparisons, this comprehensive employee development report supplies narrative that highlights:

  • Well-developed strengths
  • Satisfactory strengths
  • Areas that need development

Devine Development reports also generate charts for at-a-glance determination of an employee’s suitability for specific jobs. Personalized growth tips aid managers with future training and performance improvement plans.

Devine Development tools are useful for hiring managers who want to ensure their employees continue to adapt and grow within their positions. The report format is flexible enough that it can be utilized for CEOs as well as entry-level employees. The differences lie in the behavioral requirements for each position.