More than ever, nonprofits are looking to reduce unnecessary costs and streamline operations in order to better serve their mission and purpose. The Devine Group helps advocacy, grantmaking and civic organizations to do so through our unique web-based talent management solutions. Our hiring tools help to minimize costs during the employee selection process by reducing the number of days a position goes unfilled. Our development solutions help to create a unified culture within nonprofit organizations by identifying team strengths and weaknesses, so that they can be turned into opportunities.

“Recruiting the right talent is a huge undertaking. I absolutely swear by The Devine Group. Their ability to define the exact skill set for the various positions is incredible. Each & every single time that I went outside the parameters, it didn’t work. They are an incredible help in saving me time and money when it comes to recruiting.”



Help your employees attain the skills needed to conduct a successful structured behavioral interview.

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Devine Hourly Selection

Measure potential for poor attendance and low productivity in high-turnover hourly positions.

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Devine Salaried Selection

Create a workforce with a high success potential and compatibility with your company culture.

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Engagement Survey

Give employees the opportunity to anonymously offer their opinions about their workplace environment.

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Devine Exit Survey

Know, rather than guess, your company’s main causes of attrition.

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Critical Thinking Inventory

Measure the analytical skills of leadership-level employees.

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Devine 360

Increase the job awareness and productivity of your employees with a robust assessment tool.

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Devine Development

Ensure that employees and leadership hired for specific roles continue to grow and develop.

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