High turnover and customer-oriented positions within the hospitality industry require a special breed of employees in order to be successful. Devine Group hiring solutions help hospitality firms discover and develop the ingredients necessary within a potential hire for success down the line. With clients ranging from restaurants to large hotel chains, The Devine Group has refined our service offerings so that hospitality industry-based organizations can improve their hiring and development processes, reduce turnover and related expenses, and in turn, increase positive customer experiences.

“I have been using the Devine recruiting and selection methodology for several years in the hospitality industry. The tools and resources at The Devine Group are outstanding.”

Reggie Piercy, Regional Manager, Chartwell Hospitality


Major hospitality company reduces turnover and improves satisfaction for management positions

Recommendations made through assessments increased “A” players in the organization



Casino struggles with employee retention and satisfaction

Turnover reduced by 31% (with $900,000 in annual savings)


National hospitality company identifies best hourly candidates

Devine’s highly recommended candidates were 94% more likely to receive an above average performance rating




Help your employees attain the skills needed to conduct a successful structured behavioral interview.

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Devine Hourly Selection

Measure potential for poor attendance and low productivity in high-turnover hourly positions.

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Devine Salaried Selection

Create a workforce with a high success potential and compatibility with your company culture.

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Engagement Survey

Give employees the opportunity to anonymously offer their opinions about their workplace environment.

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Devine Exit Survey

Know, rather than guess, your company’s main causes of attrition.

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Critical Thinking Inventory

Measure the analytical skills of leadership-level employees.

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Devine 360

Increase the job awareness and productivity of your employees with a robust assessment tool.

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Devine Development

Ensure that employees and leadership hired for specific roles continue to grow and develop.

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