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The Kids Are All Right

Yes, this is another piece on the new generations and how the workplace dynamic is shifting as Baby Boomers retire and the next in line slowly take hold of the reigns. But it’s not what you’re expecting – there’s nothing to be found here about who’s right and who’s wrong, and why we kids just can’t get any respect. This may be written by a Millennial, but I assure you every word in this piece affects each individual in the workforce, regardless of age, creed or race.

As it is currently, about 20% of Millennials hold leadership positions, a number that is expected to rapidly grow. With this also comes new styles of leaderships. As opposed to their predecessors, Millennials are known to carry very strong convictions but remain timid in their interactions. They value feedback, ethics, flexibility and values. In my humble opinion, the vast majority of organizations could stand to use more of these principles, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for everyone to overhaul how they run their business. It’s key to find the right leaders and identify the best fit for the organization so you can be as prepared as possible when the leadership change happens, knowing (with impending change or not) you placed responsibility into the right hands.

How then can you decide – relatively objectively – who is the proper candidate to serve in a position of leadership? You can let a variety of assessments do the work for you. The Devine Group offers hiring, development and succession plan assessment technology that allows you to create the ideal candidate profile, and evaluate how well current or prospective employees match what you’re looking for. As our solutions span the employee life cycle, we can assist in your search for new candidates, develop the team members you currently have and assist in planning for the future of your organization that’s no longer very distant.

Stepping into the unknown and allowing those that come after you to have control can be a little unnerving – but only to the unprepared.

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