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Are Your Interviewers Losing Their Edge?

There’s an endless supply of articles online geared at helping job candidates perform perfectly at a job interview. They cover topics such as interview questions and answers, body language tips, and personal experiences from people who’ve interviewed at that same exact company for the same exact position. With all this information disseminated on the world wide web, it’s almost impossible for a candidate with the right professional experience to be ill-prepared for an interview. But what happens when it isn’t the interviewee who is ill-prepared, but the interviewer? It can leave companies at a loss when then can identify that there’s an issue securing top talent, but not the reason why.

According to Pew Research Center, millennials aged 18-33, are on their way to being the most educated generation, and with that comes many advantages. For example, consider the University of Cincinnati. They pride themselves on preparing students for the workforce with their cooperative job placement and internship programs. This strategy ensures that each student, at the least, has interned in their field of study for one semester. At the most, students could have spent three rotating semesters working full time at different organizations. They aren’t granted these positions, but instead have to acquire them based on merit and a successful interview.

Programs like these not only prepare students to be professionals, nor does it just give them a competitive edge, but provides them with a lifetime skill set that allows them to identify what type of company they want to work for, simply based off research and an interview. It’s important to remember that interviews provide a chance for job candidates and organizations to find their best match.

So, if job candidates can scour the internet to learn how to ace an interview, where can organizations and their interview team go? To gain essential skills needed to conduct a good interview consider using InterviewRight, an interactive web-based training program designed to prepare HR teams and managerial-level employees to conduct high-quality interviews. By making this a priority, organizations can be well prepared to conduct a successful and efficient interview. For more information regarding InterviewRight or any other product we offer, contact us.

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