Driving to work, what’s on your mind?  Tasks that await you, emails to categorize and act upon, calls to make and meetings to prep for.  Your work style takes over as you anticipate and execute on daily and weekly demands.

Action minded people begin a flurry of effort, believe they can move the ‘cheese’ faster than reality, solve problems with decisive speed and can be impatient with self and others.

The methodical oriented employee exhibits a steady pace in processing information, and working through tasks. They greatly value collaboration with others however; the perceived level and pace of change can pose a threat.  No matter how you approach your work, without a top of mind awareness of purpose, individuals can lose themselves in busyness and end up not accomplishing anything meaningful.

How do you show up everyday?  Be intentional about the tone set, motivation you operate under and synergy you create.  Work rhythms can divert us from intentionality, which gets away from the “why” or purpose of the organization and your job.

Intentionality is being purposeful in our actions, relationships and achievements.  A strong sense of ‘purpose’ will override typical work styles to achieve higher order goals. Ask self, do I walk the talk of my organization’s mission?  Whose life will I intentionally make a difference in this week? Reflect on these and other questions to raise your game.

As a team leader…

  • Do I offer wisdom, respect and gratitude to staff and coworkers or do I leave a wake of ruffled emotions and angst resulting in diminished productivity?
  • Do I inspire excellence in others or just demand it?
  • What is the ‘state of trust’ that I instill in my team? How can I improve this to create greater synergy?
  • Do I expect major change without addressing underlying fears and uncertainties?

As an individual contributor…

  • What is the primary mission of my job? What am I not doing to live up to that mission?
  • What characteristics are at the top of customers’ minds about me? What can I do better to demonstrate my sincere intent?
  • Author your future by asking, at the end of this year, the top 3 three things I will be most proud of are?
  • How well do I build a trusting relationship with my supervisor and coworkers? What action could I take this week to improve?

To learn about impressions you leave, ask for feedback from coworkers, supervisor or direct reports.  What qualities are top of mind for them about you? If you’re disappointed in the responses, use an objective process to examine patterns that sabotage effectiveness.

A self-assessment will provide further insights by identifying patterns (dominant and weaker ones) that can diminish intentionality.  Review results with a skilled consultant, set goals to create the desired future and ask yourself intentional questions everyday.  It requires mindfulness and grit to create the environment, relationships and impact you were meant to do.

So tomorrow, choose the way you want to show up and observe the powerful impact that even one change can make.