We offer integrated talent management solutions for the entire employee life cycle: hiring, onboarding, development, advancement and separation. These solutions support and improve people strategies and the achievement of business metrics. Our tools lend themselves to C-level interaction by impacting executives’ most valuable asset—their employees.

By partnering with The Devine Group, you can:

  • Diagnose your clients’ issues faster and provide objective data to reference
  • Add value to your current offerings through enhanced services
  • Build scalable, software-based, recurring revenue stream to your business
  • Enhance strategic customer relationships resulting in increased revenue opportunities and multi-year contracts

“We believe in Devine assessments and use them 100% with all of our clients. It is the first thing we include as part of our diagnostics or discovery process. Devine is PAIN ON PAPER, which helps us in our sales process and in our coaching/consulting work with clients.”

Alana Nicol, President, Gerry Weinberg & Associates, Inc., A Sandler Training Center

“The Devine team and assessment tools are a critical component of our Sandler training and consulting offering.  Being able to assess teams, establish trainability and focus areas and aid clients to make smart recruitment decisions are essential for our training to have impact.  The support and expertise that the Devine team bring us is unbelievable and I’d recommend any franchisee to use them as a key business partner.”

Andy McCreadie, Sandler Training McCreadie

“The Devine Group client services team goes out of their way to be responsive to what often are time sensitive demands we place upon them—and they do it with a smile. While their product is superior, it takes exemplary customer service to put it into action—and their team delivers!”

Peter Brown, Owner, Gateway Sales Development, Inc.

Reseller program

The Devine Group’s reseller program allows companies to connect with their customers in a new and innovative way through our talent management tools. Often, our reselling partners hold a niche within a certain marketplace, and their consulting expertise, combined with our expansive selection of talent management solutions and services, result in stronger customer relationships and enhanced revenue opportunities. We offer customizable options to our partners and will discuss the risks and rewards of each so that your company can make informed decisions about the types of services and solutions that best match up with your business model. We believe in establishing long-lasting partnerships to continue best practices beyond implementation and provide support services for all of our product resellers (ranging from executive search firms to management training to organizational development consultants).

Support services

The Devine Group’s professional services team assists our reseller partners with formal initial training and ongoing reinforcement guidance. Our experienced staff will teach you about the breadth of our product offerings, and how to share this knowledge with your customer base to increase the impact and profitability of your consulting services. In addition, our support team will provide your company with the marketing collateral, proposal templates and administrative support necessary to get up and running with The Devine Group. Our online training workshops are available free of charge to resellers so you will continue learning innovative ways to use Devine Group solutions within your consulting practice.