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We do not aspire to be the biggest talent analytics & assessment company in the world, just the best.


We elevate organizations, people & their dreams

Founded in 1970, The Devine Group is devoted to helping companies reduce costs, increase revenue and enhance productivity through our vast range of solutions that have been backed by psychologists and development consultants. The tools offered are used and trusted by many prominent organizations such as Valvoline, Lexus, Marriott and many more. The Devine Group works together on all levels to create industry-leading predictive analysis to help companies eliminate some of the guesswork that comes with hiring and talent management. The assessments offered look to maximize a company’s return on human capital investments through the entire employee lifecycle, all while reducing their risks. These tools include pre-hire assessments, onboarding, succession, and separation. The Devine Group looks to bring clarity to a foggy process and help organizations make critical hiring and development decisions.