We know breakthroughs take determination, hard work, discipline and trust, which is why at The Devine Group we measure competencies like Ambition & Drive, Takes Action, Positive Outlook and more! At the Sandler Annual Sales and Leadership Summit, we had the opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of Devine award winners! We applaud their success and hope their results will inspire leaders to discover how Devine assessments and talent analytic tools help to create opportunities and to provide organizations with the competitive advantages needed for greater success.

To learn how you can break through, 

Take a look at our award winners:

Revenue Performance Group, LLC – 2017 Global Top Producer: Matt Benelli (pictured), Mike Myers & Colum Lundt

Neuberger & Company – 2017 Top Producer Mid-Atlantic Region: Sarah Solberg (pictured) accepted the award for Matthew Neuberger

Dunn Enterprises – 2017 Top Producer Southern Region: Jim & Tessa Dunn (pictured)

Market Sense, Inc. – 2017 Top Producer South Central Region: Linda Scheible (pictured) accepted the award for Karl Scheible

Gerry Weinberg & Associates, Inc. – 2017 Top Producer Great Lakes Region: Alana Nicol (picured) accepted the award for Gerry Weinberg

Stark and Associates, Inc. – 2017 Top Producer North Central Region: J.B. Andrews (pictured)

CrossRoads, Inc. – 2017 Top Producer Western Region: Jim & Joan Stephens (pictured)

Sandler Training ISC – 2017 Top Producer Canada: John & Lucy Glennon (pictured)

Sandler Training Dan Macias – 2017 Top Producer International and 2017 Rookie of the Year: Dan Macias and Teresa (Prieto) Macias (pictured)

Sandler Training McCreadie – 2017 Top Producer UK: Andy McCreadie (pictured)

Corporate Strategies & Solutions – 2017 Golden Globe Award: Bill Bartlett (pictured)

Sandler Training Chicago & Northbrook – 2017 Golden Globe Award: Jody Williamson (pictured)

Lynn McInturf Associates, Inc. – 2017 Golden Globe Award: Lynn McInturf (pictured)