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Employee and Talent Development


Employee and Talent Development2018-07-10T13:17:28+00:00

When thinking of employee development and talent development, where do you start? Active employee development helps align every employee with the goals of the business, allowing them to perform as effectively as possible.”

Employee development can happen in many forms; the use of continuous learning, by joining professional organizations, or the use of employee assessments. Assessments can help you to identify strengths and areas of improvement for both individual employee development and for talent development as a team. Because assessments provide specific, objective feedback, talent development and training become positive experiences that increase loyalty. Making the most of skill sets and investing in their continued employee development supports long-term job satisfaction and reduces turnover. Happier, more skilled employees increase efficiency, which helps you meet business objectives and lower costs.

The Devine Group offers individual employee development, team-based development solutions and talent matching to multiple job profiles for succession planning. Take a look at the resources below and let us know how we can help your talent development efforts today!


Devine Development

Ensure that employees and leadership hired for specific roles continue to grow and develop.

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Devine TalentMatch

Measure a participant’s results against more than 80 job profiles to find their best fit within your organization and leadership.

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Devine 360

Increase the job awareness and productivity of your employees with a robust assessment tool.

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Devine Team Reports

Measure team dynamics to identify improvement opportunities to help align your teams culturally and strategically.

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Culture Report

Use assessments to benchmark and develop your workforce to achieve cultural alignment.

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The Devine Group is advancing talent management with job specific, competency based employee development solutions. Our reports provide detailed feedback on key behaviors and competencies plus growth and development recommendations.

Devine Inventory Develop can help you learn how to enhance your employee’s strengths and how to best improve upon their weaknesses. Emotional intelligence is an important measurement for leadership, and can be determined by measuring various competencies such as empathy, ego, sociability and more. Our in-depth competency and behavioral reports can help determine which areas of an individual’s talent development should have greater focus to improve their performance in a specific position.

The amount of potential in your existing team could be unrecognized; by incorporating employee development and talent development opportunities into your company culture, you have the potential to do more with less, and who doesn’t like that?