Identify Strengths and Opportunities

Organizations are increasingly being asked to do more with less. In a competitive economic environment, every employee must be attuned to the goals of the business and must be able to perform as effectively as possible. Employee assessments help you to identify strengths and areas of improvement for both individual employees and for teams as a whole. Because assessments provide specific, objective feedback, development and training becomes a positive experience that increases loyalty. Making the most of employee skill sets and investment in their continued growth supports long-term job satisfaction and reduces turnover. Happier, more skilled employees increase efficiency, which helps you meet business objectives and lower costs.

We offer both individual and team-based development solutions.

Devine 360

Increase the job awareness and productivity of your employees with a robust assessment tool.

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Devine Development

Ensure that employees hired for specific roles continue to grow and develop.

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Devine TalentMatch

Measure a participant's results against more than 80 job profiles to find their best fit within your organization.

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Devine Team Reports

Measure team dynamics to identify improvement opportunities to help align your teams culturally and strategically.

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